grsl track

May 25th, 2024: Submission deadline
June 25th, 2024: Notification of 1st decision
July 7th, 2024: 1st revision submission
July 28th, 2024: Notification of 2nd decision
August 4th, 2024: 2nd revision submission
August 18th, 2024: Final notification
August 28th, 2024: Camera-ready

Call for the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters Special Stream

The SIBGRAPI 2024 GRSL Track is open for paper submission to a special stream of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters. This special track is oriented to bring together researchers from pattern recognition, computer vision, image processing, and remote sensing fields to present advances in pattern and image analysis to interpret remotely sensed images and their applications. Specific topics of interest are (but are not limited to): image processing, low-level feature extraction, segmentation, classification, deep learning, multimodal and multi-view methods, multisensor fusion, 3D reconstruction from aerial images, dataset creation, and evaluation methodologies. All papers accepted in this track are scheduled and must be presented at the conference. 

Submission Instructions

All papers for the SIBGRAPI 2024 GRSL Track must be submitted electronically. Manuscripts submitted to this track must follow the instructions presented at the GRSL Special Stream page available through this link. Submitted manuscripts must be written in English and must follow the guidelines of the journal. Go to the GRSL Journal page through this link and click on “Submit Manuscript” on the menu on the left.  When submitting papers to this track, please select “Special Section: Pattern Recognition and Image Processing for Geoscience and Remote Sensing of the SIBGRAPI 2024 – 37th Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images” as the article type in the IEEE  system.

IMPORTANT: Note that for papers published via this GRSL Track, there will be voluntary page charges of $110/page assessed for the first 3 pages. For GRSS members there is a $200/page mandatory page charge for pages 4 and 5. For non-GRSS members there is a $230/page mandatory page charge for pages 4 and 5. Papers longer than 5 printed pages will not be published in GRSL but can be turned over to TGRS. 

Paper Presentation

All accepted papers in this track are scheduled for presentation at the event and must be presented at the conference. Please review our no-show and no-registration policy. More information about paper presentations will be sent to the authors of accepted papers.

No-Show and No-Registration Policy

Please see our “No-Show and No-Registration Policy” at our registration page by clicking this link.

Guest Editors for this Special Stream

  • Luiz Gonzaga da Silveira Jr  (Unisinos, Brazil)
  • Wesley Nunes Gonçalves (UFMS, Brazil)

Editor-in-Chief of IEEE GRSL

  • Ronny Haensch  (German Aerospace Center / DLR, Germany) 

Sibgrapi GRSL 2024 Track Chairs

Luiz Gonzaga da Silveira Jr

Wesley Nunes Gonçalves

Rolar para cima